Abortionists demand legalisation of murder

I was sad to learn that Seventeen young abortion activists have mounted a protest outside the Dáil calling for the legalisation of abortion/murder in Ireland.
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The activists have imprisoned themselves in a cage fashioned from coat-hangers to represent the 17 Irish women they say are forced to travel to Britain for an abortion every day. The group is also calling for another referendum on the issue.

There we have it folks, once again the issue of abortion raises its ugly head. Both mine and Paddy's view on abortion is very clear and well versed on this site

It is Murder!

These people are of course entitled to their beliefs and opinions, as are they entitled to lobby the Dáil on what ever issue they want. In recent months I have had numerous conversations/arguments with friends and comrades on this very issue. It is an issue that people hold very strong feelings on and I am pleased to say that the vast majority of people in Ireland, North and South, Catholic and Protestant, agree with my opinion on abortion.

I feel very sorry for the seventeen Irish women who are forced to travel to Britain every day to have an abortion. I am sorry that society has forced them in to such a position but I will never countenance supporting the legalisation of abortion in this country. Britain's moral quagmire is an issue for them and them alone to address.

That society must look at the way it treats it's most vulnerable citizens.

Abortions are not about killing a fetus; they are about murdering innocent children and a human life because a mother has made the choice that her life and her worries and her welfare supersede that of her child.

I am sorry if this post offends people but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade.

The law is also a hypocrite on this issue.

According to the law you may not consent to GBH or murder, society does not allow you that choice as shown by the case of R v Brown.

In Brown the House of Lords ruled that in certain circumstances it is not in the public interest for people to give consent to acts of force against their own body.

Lord Jauncey of Tullichettle summarised the broad position stating:

"The basic argument propounded by all the appellants was that the receivers having in every case consented to what was inflicted upon them no offence had been committed under Sections 20 or 47 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. All the appellants recognised however that so broad a proposition could not stand up and that there must be some limitation upon the harm which an individual could consent to receive at the hand of another. The line between injuries to the infliction of which an individual could consent and injuries to whose infliction he could not consent must be drawn … where the public interest required"

The House of Lords upheld the convictions and decided that as a matter of public policy the violence associated with sado-masochistic homosexual practices was not something that fell within the exempt categories of violence. This is hypocritical considering the fact that they still see fit to allow a woman the option of murdering part of her flesh.

People may be surprised at seeing me quote British Law Lords to support my argument but I am merely showing the moral quagmire that Britain finds itself in.

Sado-masochistic homosexual practices are out but murdering children is in.

It is disgusting!

The ultimate test of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members

We need to protect our most vulnerable members not kill them

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