1916 heroes mocked by DUP

I see a DUP councillor has once more shown his bigotry as well as simple ignorance by saying that he enjoyed his recent visit to Kildare because "it is where the leaders of the Easter Rising were shot, and that is what they deserved."
Firstly, the ignoramous needs to check his history books as the heroes of 1916 were executed in Dublin, not Kildare. Mr. Girvan should take a long hard look at himself. I have no doubt that he said what he did simply to cause offence and controversy. The people of Ireland are rightly proud of the men of 1916, the founding fathers of our nation who fought bravely against all odds and they will not take kindly seeing them mocked in this fashion. Sinn Féin councillor Paul Butler has written to Kildare County Council asking them to sever all links with Lisburn COuncil condemning it as being “run and controlled by undemocratic and bigoted unionists for unionists".

I normally always approve of cross border links but I think there is certainly a case that Lisburn council should not have the legitimacy of relations with normal, decent councils. The sooner Lisburn City Council is condemned to the dustbin of history, the better.

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