A waste of Paper!

I see Lord Laird is coming up with his usual nonsense. His current claim is that the Stormont regieme which ran the six counties with a bigotted Iron, Unionist fist was in fact not sectarian at all! Laird accuses the Southern government at the time of in fact being much worse than its 6 county counterpart. This particular bit of rubbish sums up how blind Laird is to the sad facts of his party's history;

An interesting point, often overlooked, is that the Government of Ireland Act of 1920 - under which the Stormont Parliament was set up - made any legislation passed by the new parliament illegal if it discriminated against anyone on religious grounds.

The facts are that the first act placed on the Northern Ireland Statute Book that allowed religious discrimination was the Police Act of 2000 which dealt with police recruitment. To allow this to be passed the Government of Ireland Act had to be repealed in 1998.

The position, which any lawyer knows, is that Stormont was not and could not have been sectarian.

Laird goes on to ridicule the Irish parliament. Now I freely admit that Irish politics at the time was far from perfect but to claim that the Dáil had a more sectarian outlook than Stormont is simply wrong. Unionists often claim that the lessening of Protestant numbers after the 1920s was some sort of ethic cleansing. This is a vicious lie which must be countered at all times. Protestant numbers fell simply because the amount of mixed marriages rose and children tended to be rbought up Catholic. Whatever the rights and wrong of this system, it is far from an enthic cleansing.

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