SDLP don't have a clue

I see the SDLP have been attempting to make political capital out of the collusion issue by claiming that the new OTR legislation will hurt the victims of State Collusion. What sheer arrogance from Durkan and his cronies. If the SDLP had paid a blind bit of heed to the anti-collusion groups over the years they would know that the families have little interest in seeing people in jail, all they want is to know the real truth behind what happened to their loved ones. As An Fhirinne member Robert McClenaghan points out;

The SDLP has been on the Policing Board for the last number of years.
In that time, they have failed to raise the issue of state collusion with Hugh Orde or Desmond Rea.
In fact, they are responsible for ensuring that those who now hold senior positions within the PSNI and who were involved in the mass murder of citizens have remained unchallenged and still in place.
The SDLP has been deafeningly silent on the issue of collusion. We, the families, have asked them for help on a number of occasions to meet with us but so far they have refused.

This is gutless exploitation and twisting of the issue by the SDLP. Their desperate attempts to achieve relevance again are falling way short.

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