QUB told that Collusion is not an illussion

There was a well organised Anti-Collusion protest at QUB today, in relation to the policy by Queens to allow advertising space to both the RUC/PSNI and the British army on open access computers within the University.
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QUB Ógra Shinn Féin organiser, Andrea O' Kane said "this demilitarisation protest organised by young republicans within the University shows the opposition and disgust felt at the British army’s recruitment drive and charm offensive within our campus. The British army are an illegal force of occupation and should not be permitted to cover our University campus with their posters and recruitment advertisements. A university should be a neutral environment free from offensive literature and posters that only serve to promote an atmosphere of exclusion and segregation."

She continued "Considering that the policy of collusion orchestrated at the highest ranks of the British Army resulted in the murders of innocent Irish men and women including students at this university, we can not allow this PR drive and charm offensive to continue. The British army have no right to be in Ireland never mind our universities. We will continue our campaign over the next few weeks raising awareness through postering, letter writing and lobbying the university."

This move by QUB contravenes their own Neutral working environment policy and breaks the University statutes. We are calling on the University and the Registrar, Mr. James O Kane, to take immediate action on this issue.

Our Cumann is named after a party member, Sheena Campbell, who was killed through Collusion by British Crown forces and Unionist death squads.

Young Republicans don't forget and we will not allow the University to forget either!

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