The price you pay for intransigence

Unionism still seems to be learning lessons the hard way. Unionism is going nuts over the new reforms to Public Administration. The new proposal for 7 super councils has led to Unionist fury at the British government.

There have been calls of "Balkanisation" and accusations of this being a "sop to Sinn Féin" . This however is the price that it will pay for its intransigence and its failure to enter into dialogue. Unionism has said that it will be very happy for direct rule to continue, this current situation suggests otherwise. It would seem that the British government has drawn a line in the sand, it will no longer be dictated to by its former colonists (Spongers).

If Unionism is genuinely angry at being left out in the cold in relation to consultation then it has to learn one very simple lesson.

The Unionist veto is a thing of the past!!

Nationalists will no longer be treated as second class citizens and your refusals to enter into dialogue with the largest Nationalist party is a slap in the face for Nationalism.

This place can only move on through co-operation and mutual respect, when you acknowledge that times have moved on and when you accept that equality and justice are the order of the day then perhaps we will be able to move on.

If not, then enjoy your "Direct Rule"

You have definitely earned it

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