Newry and Mourne Councillors to fight!

It has been revealed that all 14 Nationalist and Republican councillors who are accused of "wilful misconduct" are to appeal to the High Court. The move comes after the Local Government Auditor found that 17 councillors who barred "victims' group" FAIR from using Newtownhamilton Community Centre in 2000 were guilty of "wilful misconduct".
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According to the News Letter "The auditor now requires all 17 nationalists to repay £11,000 legal costs, a move which would automatically bar them from the council for five years"


The councillors are not automatically barred from office unless their individual surcharge exceeds £2,000 and in this case it doesn't.

I do wish that news papers would do some research before they try and peddle tripe.

Sinn Féin Group Leader Terry Hearty said: "We believe we have a strong case. We acted correctly as elected members of the community in the interests of the community."

There is a very strong case Terry and our councillors, yourself included, are going nowhere!!

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