More cracks begin to show in DUP

Following on from the recent controversies surrounding Paul Berry and Rhonda Paisley one of the "DUP old guards" has thrown his two cents into the pot. Former Belfast Councillor Rev Eric Smyth said he was very unhappy with the current position the DUP is taking.
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Rev Smyth also said that many others are unhappy

"A lot of the old guard are very unhappy, it’s no longer the party they joined. They just don’t know what’s going on"

"Look at Stormont, most of the boys up there are not old DUP, they are all Ulster Unionists who could not get places until they joined the DUP"

"I’m not happy with the direction the party is moving in. I’m glad I got out when I did."

A serving DUP councillor in the greater Belfast area who spoke to Daily Ireland shared Rev Smyth’s concerns. The politician who insisted on not being named said there were deep divisions within the party

Now I wonder who that might be ;)

The cracks are beginning to show and they will only get deeper as time goes on.

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