More arrests

I see there have been more arrests in connection with the Northern Bank raid. Strangely one of the men arrested is an employee who took part in a BBC documentary on the raid a few weeks after the bank was robbed. Presumably this programme was sanctioned by the PSNI.

Why then would a Police Service allow someone who they felt might eventually need to be arrested take part in a such a programme?

It is becoming increasing apparent that the PSNI are running around like headless chickens with regards to this investigation. They were so busy jumping to politically motivated conclusions that they paid little attention to the small of actually investigating the offence.

On another small note, when describing the stolen money, the BBC refers to money in Cork which was suspected, but not proven, to be part of the raid. But why have they ommitted to mention that the only money found which was scientifically proven to be from the raid was discovered in an RUC sports club?!

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