M15 hit Red Devils?

Strange news from the Premiership this morning as it seems that last Sunday somebody manged to bug Manchester United's dressing room during their crucial game with Chelsea which United won 1-0 thanks to a Darren Flethcher goal and a miraculous performance from stopgap midfielder Alan Smith. It seems amazed that people were capable of doing this although who knows what Abrahimovic's millions can buy! Didn't do Chelsea much good on the field though!

On another sporting theme, I got a hold of the new GAA game for the playstation 2 last night and it was great to finally be able to play my favourite sport on the Playstation. The graphics on the game are superb and stadiums across the country are recreated on the screen almost perfectly. The gameplay is decent although not top class. However gaelic football is a difficult game to recreate in this format and I think the producers are on the right track. The most dissapointing feature is that none of the players' names feature in the game due to a failure to reach an agreement with the GPA (Gaelic Players Association). Still Gaelic Games: Football 2005 is a welcome addition to my house!

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