Just not good enough

A very interesting article from the Irish Examiner exposing the shameful extent to which the current Irish government has ignored the health concerns of the nation. I'm sure the vast majority of readers will have had cancer touch their families in some way, shape or form. We all know what a terrible, wasting disease it can be, even more tragic when it hits somebody young. How then can the government possibly defend having only ONE cancer specialist amongst a population of 500,000 in the Cork/Kerry region. As the article points out, the people of the region have 21 TDs but only one cancer specialist. There's something badly wrong with the balance there. The article goes on to inform us that;

What the doctor (Dr Seamus O’Reilly - the sole oncologist in the Cork/Kerry region) had to say reflected the abominable treatment by the Government of cancer patients who were forced to suffer pain at home because they could not access hospital beds.

Patients were also placed in inappropriate wards because of the lack of a specialist unit.

It was also pointed out that because of the failure to roll out BreastCheck in Cork and Kerry, cancers took longer to diagnose.

The situation is so grim for 500,000 potential patients in the region that three consultants have already resigned because cancer services are so badly underfunded.

Fairly play to the TDs who were threw out of the Dáil on Tuesday for making a protest about this disgusting state of affairs, however belated the protest might have been. Its only a few weeks since Martin Ferris was also ejected from the chamber for bringing to light the disagraceful state of affairs in a Kerry hospital. Something needs to be done about the provision of health services in the Munster region in the near future.

The current state of affairs is a damning indictment of this FF/PD government and its complete lack of concern about the health and welfare of the population.

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