Seeing as most of the stories in the media today have been flogged to death on this site already I would like to look at our Health care system. Many political parties view Health as the poison chalice as there is a group of thought that Health will never be solved to the public’s satisfaction.
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I don't view it that way and when Sinn Féin does eventually enter Government in the 26 counties I think that Health is a post that we must take. Everyone knows that there are hard choices to be taken in relation to Health but no one seems to have the balls to take them.

We have a two-tier Health system that favours the rich and that is not my idea of equality or good government.

The Medics in the Heath system only make up 15% of the people employed, almost 85% are "managers" and other leeches that do bugger all but increase red tape and suck the recourses out of the Health care system.

Our Health care system is an upside down pyramid with the vast majority being pen pushers and only a small minority actually caring for people. The problem has got that bad that many view privatisation as the only option. Privatising any section of the Health care system would be a total disaster.

We need to make difficult decisions and the number one priority needs to be "cutting the fat" in relation to the bureaucracy. Most of these people are viewed as the untouchables but what exactly do they offer the Healthcare system?

We need more Doctors, Nurses, and Psychologists etc!

We do not need more managers!

We need a proper pyramid in Health care where the majority of workers are medics and the minority are pen pushers.

We need to cut junior doctors more slack and we need to punish greedy consultants who bleed the health care system of recourses and systematically work for the private sector as well.

The south is coming down with money and they don't know what to do with it so what do they do? They squander it!

What are people’s views?

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