Ferris speaks out

I see that Martin Ferris was thrown out of the Dáil last night as the government refused to address his concerns about the state of the health service in Kerry. The conditions which Mr. Ferris described were absolutely appaling;

"There were at least 50 patients waiting to be seen. However there was no consultant available as he was at a meeting. There was only one doctor there and a relief doctor was due at 4pm, and even that was uncertain. There were only four nurses to cope with all these patients who had been waiting several hours. Many had been there for up to five hours.

"But what I saw next was the most appalling of all. I met a lady of 74 years of age lying on a trolley in the corridor. She told me she had been there since 11:30pm on Sunday night. This was at 3pm on Monday afternoon."

This sounds more like a third world nation than a supposedly rich and developed country. Shame on those who have presided over such a shameful state of affairs in Ireland's health service and fair play to Martin for doing his best to bring this disgraceful situation to the public's sttention. The people of Ireland deserve better than this. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

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