Fair play Liz!

I don't think I have ever congratulated a PD member before in my life but I am about to. Progressive Democrat TD Liz O'Donnell has launched a scathing attack on the Catholic Church during a Dáil debate on the clerical sex abuse scandal in Ferns.
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The Dublin South TD accused the Church of acting like a secret society by operating under its own laws and codes.

She said bishops colluded to protect priests accused of child sex abuse and attempted to implement a cover-up when details were eventually made public.

She said the cosy relationship between the Catholic Church and the Irish State had to end and also said the Government should examine the Catholic ownership of national schools around the country.

This is a very dark cloud that has enveloped the Church and my scathing criticism of the church is not the usual Anti-Catholic bashing that I have been accused of in the past.

I am a Catholic, I don't attend mass and I have serious issues with a few of the Churches policies but that does not alter the fact that I am Catholic. I was an alter boy growing up and it was an experience that I enjoyed immensely, in fact I would go as far to say that I was happier and closer to god at that time than at any other period in my life so far.

I come from a very conservative Catholic family and by this I mean my wider family circles. I have aunts and uncles who disapprove of girls being alter serves but it is always a proud moment for any Catholic family when they see their child up on the alter "serving the church". The priest is always god so to speak and you do what he says. I have never had any problems with any priest in that way before. I do disagree and dislike a few of the priests that I know but it has nothing to do with child abuse, it is to do with their 18th century attitude towards the parish.

What these scumbags, I refuse to call them priests after what they have done to children, have done to children is the worst possible thing that a person could do to a child. They have stolen their innocence and they have stolen their soul for their own sick, depraved pleasure!

The Church has let down these children very badly; they have moved these priests and allowed them to abuse more children. This is the most unforgivable part of this tragedy.

The Church held a pivotal role in Irish society, their rule and their word was absolute. They neglected their responsibility and instead of standing up for the victims and the good priests, and there are many, they choose to shelter these perverted bastards of the cloth!

I hope this blow to the Church is not fatal but only time will tell.

The Church should be on its knees begging forgiveness from these children because they abandoned them.

They were supposed to protect them and instead they abandoned them and protected the filth and that is what is the hardest to comprehend

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