Exposing the PDs for what they are.

Excellent article from Vincent Browne in yesterday's Sunday Business Post where he points out that not only have the PDs gotten the dates wrong for their 20th anniversary but that also their oft-made claims over the weekend of having made a positive influence on Irish life and the Irish economy are a myth. Browne sums the PDs up well when he points out that;

The reality is that they have had almost nothing to do with our economic success.

They and their coalition partners have presided over the most massive waste of public funds in the history of the nation, and they have sponsored and celebrated grotesque inequality.

An even more serious indictment against them-which on its own, should consign them to disgrace and political oblivion, and for which they should never be forgiven - concerns the citizenship referendum of 2004.

Browne focuses his criticism on the referendum on citizenship on 2004. Rightly he condemns it as a opportunistic stunt by Michael McDowell in order to use the racist card to boost the PD vote. While unfortunately the referendum was passed, at least the voters in 2004 told the PDs where to go. At the next General Election, Harney and McDowell deserve to hear the same message.

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