Exposed once more.

Fascinating article from Susan McKay in the Irish News (via newshound) which highlights some of the shocking tales to come from the new book written by ex-RUC CID member Johnston Brown. Once more RUC collusion with Loyalist paramilitaries and the cosy relationship which existed between the two is exposed. Brown tells of the mistreatment he suffered at the hands of his collegues becuase he didn't toe the RUC party line and realise the simple tenent of Special Branch life - Prod good, Taig bad.

According to Brown, every "every fifth or sixth person in the UVF was a police or MI5 informant." Brown confirms that it was with the compliance of the British security forces that the UVF went on their secterian rampages.

By the time Special Branch had finished with 'X', he was taking life after life after life. When we brought his murderous activities to the attention of our CID authorities, they assured us they had often made the Special Branch aware of them.

Rarely have I agreed so wholeheartedly with a piece of journalism as I do with the final line of this article;

That means the Inquiries Act of 2005 must be repealed. The sinister arena must be emptied and razed to the ground. Otherwise, Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde and his successors will continue to be haunted by the 'force within a force' and its 'dirty war'.

These demands are an absolute minimum for many Nationalists and Republicans before they can consider lending support to the PSNI.

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