Dáil motion of Irish re-unification

I'm gald to see that Sinn Féin TD's have put forward the following motion to be discussed by the Dáil today;

That Dáil Éireann:

· re-affirming its support for the Good Friday Agreement as endorsed in referendums by the people of Ireland North and South;

· recognising the political progress brought about by the peace process and the Agreement, benefiting all the people of Ireland; and

· reiterating its appreciation of the work undertaken to date by the North-South Ministerial Council and by the North-South bodies;

· resolves to:

· work for the full implementation of the Agreement in all its aspects and for the re-establishment of the institutions of the Agreement at the earliest date;

· promote all-Ireland policies and strategies, benefiting all parts of the island;

· actively seek to persuade Unionists, through dialogue, of the advantages of Irish unification for all the people who share this island, in their diversity; and

· prepare politically, economically, socially and culturally for Irish unification, identifying steps and measures, including a Green Paper, which can assist a successful transition to a united Ireland.

It will be very interesting to see how the Dáil reacts to this motion. The vast majority of TDs belong to parties who claim to support re-unification by consent as part of the Good Friday Agreement. Now we will finally see the colour of their money. I sincerely hope this motion is passed by a huge majority. The re-unification project is bigger than any one party and needs a broad based alliance of support.

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