The day the music died............

I got one of those "you'll remember where you were when you heard this news" text messages today referring to the retirement from Manchester United of soccer legend and former Ireland captain Roy Keane who has left the club by "mutual consent" although rumours abound that the Corkman was actually sacked. While Keane certainly had his faults, the fact remains that during his twelve and a half years at the club, Keane produced performances worthy of the tag of best midfielder in the world. Of course people will remember the bursts of temper and the incident in Saipan (during which I think Keane was in the wrong, incidentally) but to concentrate on the flaws would be unfair. My own personal abiding memory of Keane is during the European Cup Semi Final of 1999 when even though he knew for much of the match that he would miss the final, Keane inspired Man Chester United to overcome a 2 goal defecit to claim their place in the Champions League final. For Ireland, his two commanding performances against Holland and Portugal in Dublin during 2001 were phenomonal, even if the campiagn did end in frustration for Keane personally.

Portsmouth have declared an interest in signing Keane although Celtic are rumoured to be his preferred choice. Speculation will of course be rife that the FAI could be tempted to offer him their managerial post though personally i think this is unlikely, although there's more chance of that than Keane heading here!

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