Congratulations St Galls

I would like to congratulate St Galls after they beat Down side Mayobridge in a "hotly" contested Ulster Club Football Championship semi-final yesterday. I know a few of the boys on the team and in fact one is a regular drinking buddy. I also know the manager very well, former Armagh player John Rafferty or Raffo as he was always called.
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The poor man had the unenviable task of being my PE teacher in the Abbey and we almost came to blows on several occasions due to fact that we are both as thick as a double ditch. John is a sound bloke and a good manager and I hope that both he and St Galls win next Sunday as it will be a good result for Ulster GAA.

The fact that they beat a team from the enemy county yesterday is just a bonus

St Galls face Bellaghy next Sunday in Omagh in what promises to be an excellent final

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