Burglaries 'cost Irish households €60m every year'

I read with disgust the news that Burglaries cost Irish households almost €60m every year, according to a survey published today by Eircom Phonewatch.
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I know what it feels like to be burgled as I was burgled. It isn't the stuff that it is stolen that annoys you; it is the fact that for a while your piece of mind is also stolen. There is no doubt that it changes you as a person and it leaves you very angry. To know that someone was through your stuff and touched your private belongings almost contaminates them.

These sorts of people are the filth of society and it really, really annoys me when old people are burgled as they are the most vulnerable.

I am a supporter of Tony Martin, if a piece of scum enters your property to either steal from you or to harm you then all of his/her rights are forfeited.

It is open season on the filth!

They know the consequences before they do it and they must live with those consequences, or not as the case may be.

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