Bigots - Any Minority will do!

Unfortunately there's more bigotry to report in northern politics and, you've guessed it, its a member of the DUP who's responsible. DUP councillor Maurice Mills has made the outrageous claim that homosexuals were responsible for the devestating huricane in New Orleans. Mr. Mills claims it was a punishment from God. Now I don't know the particulars of Mr. Mills' personal faith but I certainly don't believe that there is a God reeking havoc and revenge on people in such a manner and I don't think anybody who understands true Christian principles would agree with such a view.

Trade Union leaders have rightly condemned Mr. Mills remarks in the strongest of terms saying that they could lead to hate crime and indeed murder against the gay community. Far from ebing repentant, Mr. Mills has gone on to claim that the AIDs epidemic in Africa is God's punishment for homosexuals in that continent. Such levels of bigotry and ignorance are astonishing. In recent weeks the DUP have been accused of bigotry towards homosexuals, women and the disabled community. It seems they are branching out from the mere anti-Catholic bigotry they are renowned for!

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