Bertie Ahern is a "real" Socialist!

I laughed when I read this piece, the "gospel" according to McCreevey. According to Charlie McCreevey Bertie is one of the last few genuine socialists in the country. Bertie Ahern is a supposed Socialist and yet he has formed a government with the most right-wing, anti-working class and pro-business party in the country?
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I personally believe this clap trap is an insult to people’s intelligence, Bertie Ahern has lead this country into a situation where the gap between rich and poor is one of the biggest in Europe. He presided over the Celtic Tiger which made the rich richer and the poor poorer. He has allowed the property market to become a feeding ground for leeches and has priced first time buyers and people of low income out of the market. The need for social housing has never been greater and we have a two tier health system that favours the rich. His government believes that some working class mother who does the "double" to feed her family is a criminal yet his friend Ray Burke was just unfortunate.

Do people honestly buy this Socialist crap from Bertie?

Socialist my arse!

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