Berry's Lawyers cause storm.

I have to admit to being surprised by the furore that has developed over Paul Berry's hiring a solicitor who has been used in the past by Republicans. Surely the man is entitled to use whatever legal representation he wants? Now, as I have stated before, I have little sympathy for Mr. Berry's current troubles given his previous attitude towards Nationalists and Republicans but the very fact that he is facing a disciplinary trial seemingly for no other reason than having partaken in homosexual activity surely shows that the DUP can never be taken seriously as a modern, open-minded party. I do realise that Mr. Berry's actions are hypocritical given his background, but if being a hypocrite was cause enough for explusion for the DUP, there'd be nobody left in the bloody party.

As per usual, Willie "only Protestant victims are innocent" Frazer has stuck his nose in where it is not wanted claiming "This is a terrible insult to the people Paul Berry is supposed to represent, so many of whom have lost loved ones to the IRA's bombs and bullets." This gives a excellent insight into the thinking of the likes of Frazer. To his mind, Republicans, or anyone suspected of being a Republican, is scum, a low life and not entitled even to legal reprensentation to fight any case made against them. And the worst is, these are the people who claim to love their British democracy, laws and legal system!

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