1985 - Why did they bother?

I see a bit of debate has developed on the blogosphere to co-incide with the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement. Now while I pride myself as being quick to catch on, at 6 months of age I'll to not having been troubled by the arguements at the time but in the last year or so thorugh Univeristy, I came to study the document quite closely. My reaction was simple, what was all the fuss about?! To me, the document offered Irish nationalists very little. A mere consulative role for a Fine Gael free state government was hardly worth Unionism getting so worked up over. And the agreement failed to address one key point. By ignoring the "extrememes", they were never going to simply go away. Making peace is about getting everybody, however difficult it may be, involved and willing to negotiate and attempt to solve their differences. Its just a pity we had to wait to 1998 to see it happen.

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