Unionism in meltdown

I see that the utter chaos that has engulfed Political Unionism for the last few months is becoming fatal. Jim Gray, a one time UDA commander has been shot dead in East Belfast. This to me has a cloak and dagger feel to it, wasn't he supposed to have 24 hour police protection?
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Anyway, I only found out about it when I tuned into Spotlight.

To hear the member of the Orange Order speaking was a sight to behold, the mask well and truly slipped there. Any notion that the OO was a religious and cultural organisation is gone, I question if it ever was. The IRA initiative seems to have been the biggest blow to Political Unionism; it has left the Siege mentality in hyper drive and their political leaders licking the floor in a fit of rage and irrationality.

Political Unionism can't handle peace; it can't handle the new situation.

The bogeyman is gone and soon working class unionists will see them for what they are, a failed relic of the 19th century who can't and don't want to provide leadership for their community.

Do working-class Unionists who vote DUP or UUP actually think these Malone road types care about them or their areas?

I firmly believe that Sinn Féin can provide a far better voice and leadership for these communities, if they will let us. For these communities to raise themselves out of the hole they are in they will have to do a few things.

Throw off the shackles of a failed ideology, what has being a Unionist and a loyal son of the crown done for them?

Has it helped their children get a better life, a life free of drugs and poverty?

No, the cycle of inequality is constantly perpetuating and this cycle of fear, mistrust and hate will only have one outcome in its current context, oblivion!

I call on working class Unionism to take a leap of faith for future generations, join with us in making a better country and community for us all.

There is one sure thing; political unionism is on its last crawl to a death it was always going to endure once the Empire threw it aside, a relic of a forgotten era.

Don't go down with the sinking ship; get out of the headlights befo

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