Two people, One struggle

I felt very privileged last night as I attended the meeting with South African Minister for Intelligence and senior representative of the African National Congress, Ronnie Kasrils.
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The meeting was fantastic and it was the first time I heard the beautiful Nkosi Sikelil’Africa. Ronnie has led an extraordinary life, from violent struggle, to negotiation and now peace.

"That’s what your cause has demonstrated time and time again. Two people, one struggle - what a wonderful thought.
"We feel tremendous bonds of solidarity between two struggling, fighting people - fighting for justice, for freedom, for independence, for unity, and the Irish cause has inspired the South African freedom struggle.
"We feel and we hope that the example of reconciliation of adversarial forces in South Africa in such a successful way acts as a shining example to people throughout the world - not least the Irish people, who need peace, justice and reconciliation very much indeed,"
Mr Kasrils said

The crowd was hanging off his every word and laughed immensely when he told us that he still misses his AK47 and goes to bed thinking about it every night.

Last night was very successful and represents the very close bond that both our countries share, a shared struggle and shared problems.

Two people, one struggle

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