Tracks being laid for a United Ireland

Sinn Féin Economy Spokesperson, Mitchel McLaughlin MLA has said that the 100 billion all-Ireland Infrastructural investment programme over the next ten years, highlighted by IBEC, should lay the foundations for constitutional reunification.
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The 100 billion will come directly from the Irish Government and the Strategic Investment Board. The time bound investment will focus on the development of an all-Ireland integrated transport network and energy and communication systems and focused through a spatial development plan for the whole of the island.

Mitchel also said that "Planning for Irish unity is already underway. Minister Seamus Brennan has stated that united Ireland would make a 'wonderful economic, social and cultural unit'. He's right but people don't want it to be a 32 County Rip-off Republic"

I also welcome this initiative as it is long overdue. Too many naysayer's and rejectionists have tried to use the cost card as a way of stagnating progress towards a United Ireland. The cost argument is an argument that must be won and this is an excellent start. I also favor a Unity fund with a certain percentage of GDP being put aside to cover any costs that will be incurred when this island is united.

If it becomes clear in 20 years that there is no support for a United Ireland, not bloody likely, then that money will be a lovely nest egg for the government to use.

Progress has an objective and a destination, this train is an express and there is no stopping it now

Choo, choo!!

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