Still some snakes left in Ireland

It seems St Patrick didn't manage to get rid of all of the snakes and one has just wriggled out from under his rock. Michael McDowell has claimed that there is clear evidence that the IRA did the Northern Bank robbery.
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I intend to challenge that bit of detective work by McDowell.

"There`s clear evidence now that the IRA did the Northern Bank robbery and all the denials and all the people who said that they went back and checked out the story and that it was untrue and all the Army Council members who spoke in public and said there was no truth in it, now they are getting their comeuppance."

Where is this clear evidence?

I understand that it wouldn't be presented in public but had they any "clear evidence" you are guaranteed that they would be telling people what they have.

Commissioner Conroy said: "I am satisfied at this stage of the investigation that we will show the money recovered during Operation Phoenix is part of the takings from the robbery of the Northern Bank in Belfast."

What utter rubbish!!

The forensics that were carried out on the money found at the RUC grounds, the only confirmed money from the robbery ever found, came back as positive very quickly. How long has it been since the money was found in Cork? Months

If they had forensics they would have announced it a long time ago, they are bluffing.

In conclusion, there is no clear evidence to back up McDowell's ridiculous claim and after the Colm Murphy case will anyone be prepared to take the word of the Gardaí as absolute?

I know I won't

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