Sinn Féin to unveil proposed economic reforms

People often accuse Sinn Féin of having no economic policy other than very vague left wing socialist beliefs. This could not be further from the truth. Sinn Féin have begun to answer their critics as a review of Sinn Féin economic policy has come up with concrete policies which should help narrow the gap betrween the rich and poor in Ireland. Unsurprisingly, for a socialist party, these policies involve raising tax, however not to extorionate levels. I have always believed that a high level of tax is sensible in any society as long as the money derived from it is used well and fairly in order to give those less advantaged in society what they deserve - a decent standard of housing, education and health care. If the rich must pay a few extra thousand (which they can well afford) every year in order to ensure these basic levels of human dignity, then that is a price well worth paying.

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