Sinn Féin must support RUC/PSNI

That is the "ultimatum" given by head stoop Mark Durkan. According to Durkan "Either they are for the law or they are for crime. Either they are for policing or they are for criminality."
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Mark Durkan seems to have forgotten a few things, Sinn Féin is the majority Nationalist/Republican party in the 6 counties and the Nationalist and Republican community agree with our assessment on Policing.

I would like to ask Mark a few things

What has really changed following the few "image and name" changes to the RUC/PSNI?

Special Branch is still there, The Policing Board is still only a talking shop and the RUC/PSNI remains a totally ineffective policing force with little or no support from within the Nationalist and Republican community.

What happened with the Plastic bullets Mark?

The SDLP may have accepted less on Policing but we will not and we don't take ultimatums from people such as you

Wake up and smell the coffee Mark, your party is nothing more than stooges for British policy in the 6 counties.

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