Sinn Féin moving the agenda towards Irish Unity

I read an excellent article in today’s SBD about the relationship between Sinn Féin in coalition and the ambiguity that some political parties in the South hold towards Irish Unity.
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"Certainly, it has long been the policy of all parties and successive governments that the Northern problem wasn't just ‘their' problem, it was ‘our' problem, too - and that problem did concern us ‘down here'.

That consensus is now fracturing. In that sense, the row over Sinn Féin's participation in a putative future government is more about fundamental attitudes to the North than simple coalition mathematics.

Southern attitudes to the North have long been shrouded in ambiguity"

I wonder why though that not a single political party in the South has come out and said

We do not want a United Ireland!

The simple answer is because they would be flamed by the electorate. If there was meaningful support for partition in the 26 counties at least one party would be raising this.

I am glad that this debate is now beginning because it is long over due; it is time to put up or shut up so to speak. Apart from Sinn Féin there is no other political party actively pursuing Unification with any sort of rigour.

Fianna Fail claim to be "The Republican Party" but as Conor Murphy informed John O'Donoghue, their republicanism stops at the border!

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