Remove Securocrats from ARA

That was the message from Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy

Conor called on the two governments to remove securocrats from within their respective organisations who are intent on abusing their power in an attempt to destabilise the Peace Process.
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"It is very clear that the ARA raids in Manchester last week were politically motivated and based entirely on innuendo, spin and malicious briefing. It had nothing at all to do with recovering the proceeds of crime.

"The media were conned with reports of £30m property portfolios, IRA links and thousands of documents seized"

"There is a clear responsibility on the two governments to sack those securocrats responsible for using their positions in organisations like the ARA to undermine the peace process. Such individuals not only undermine the political process but also undermine public confidence in the impartiality and ability of groups like the ARA to properly carry out the important job of seizing criminal assets."

Correct and right, how can Nationalists and Republicans be persuaded to join up to any policing arrangements when this sort of activity continues unchecked.

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