No regret

I see that a political storm has developed over Conor Murphy's comments in the CHAMP debate at the Conservative party conference. It follows Conor's remark that he did not regret the Grand Hotel bombing at the time as it was part of a war. He said his only regret was that people had been driven to violence.
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I do think it is time for people to be realistic about these things. Republicans, while glad and supportive of the peace process are not about to turn into hypocrites in relation to this issue about past killings and bombings.

Republicans are not ashamed of the IRA or the armed struggle in which they engaged in. Terrible things happened and the IRA have already apologised to all the non-combatants that were killed in that phase of struggle.

That said the Grand hotel bombing was an attempt to wipe out the British government, a government that was engaged in the occupation of the 6 north eastern counties of our country.

Republicans will not be ashamed for being republicans

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