New era, same dirty tricks!

I see the ARA have conviently searched 250 properties in Greater Manchester worth an estimated £30m and have claimed these properties are linked to the IRA. All of this occurs within a time when Paisley and the Dupers are fast running out of excuses to share power with Nationalist’s and Republican's. Already we hear the noise from under the rocks that this may cause problems for the restoration of the institutions.
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I have too much respect for my own intelligence to place any credence in these baseless claims.

I remember the incident at Stormont, at Castlereagh and the Northern Bank

Has any proof been given for any of the previous incidents?

Any convictions?

Should I have any reason to believe that this is anything else than a smoke screen for rejectionist Unionism?

No, I should not!

UPDATE Conor Murphy slams ARA, he said his constituent Thomas Murphy was being unfairly accused of being involved in criminal activity.

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