The new "D" word, Disbarment

I see that 17 Republican and Nationalist councillors in Newry and Mourne District Council are facing a 5 year ban from holding Public Office. This is because they denied Willie Frazer's group "FAIR" access to Newtown Hamilton community centre.
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It is my understanding that Willie's group asked the council not only to use the centre but said they wouldn't set foot in it unless the council installed bullet proof glass, something that the ratepayers of Newry and Mourne would have to fork out and which was not needed. When this was being considered by the council the Management committee of the centre threatened to resign if FAIR entered the building which would leave the building closed anyway.

According to the front page of the FAIR website the group

"are a non-sectarian,non-political organisation working for the interests of the innocent of terrorist victims based in South Armagh,Northern Ireland."


Sinn Féin group leader on the council Terry Hearty said the councillors believed they had acted in the best interests of the council and the community in Newtown Hamilton.

I agree Terry, the councillors did act in our interests and I would like to wish all of the councilors the best of luck with the appeal.

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