More talks.

I see the two governments are meeting in Downing Street today. Republicans will be hoping that this meeting is the first step by Blair and Ahern in attempting to move along the momentum in the peace process created by the IRA initiative and subsequent decommissioning. Republicans have lived up top their commitments, now so must the governments. As Gerry Adams pointed out last night;

There are a number of things that need to happen and on which the two governments have already made commitments - the political institutions need to be restored, the British government need to come forward with legislation on policing and justice, the Equality Commission and Human Rights Commission need additional resources and powers, northern representation for all MPs - nationalist, unionist and republican - in the Oireachtas and the completion the process of demilitarisation. There is nothing new in any of this -- these are issues which are at the core of the Good Friday Agreement which was signed seven years ago and they have been at the core of every negotiation since then. They must be delivered now

I agree with Mr Adams' position completly. Progress on these issues is both overdue and necessary.

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