McGrady's ignorance shines through

I see McGrady has yet again proved his ignorance to the world at large. He had tried to attack CRJ after he likened many of the projects to kangaroo courts. This could not be further from the truth and shows just how out of touch with reality McGrady has become.
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"In South Down and elsewhere, the particularly Sinn Féin political party has been engaged in setting up committees in communities gathered throughout the constituency, quite frankly as a basis of an alternative to the Police Service of Northern Ireland and also I would argue very strongly as a measure of sustaining an element of control over the local community"

"Sometimes they result in punishments"

They NEVER result in punishments, that is not what CRJ is all about.

Sinn Féin South Down assembly member Caitríona Ruane described McGrady’s attack as "a smokescreen because the SDLP was presented with the choice of continuing to fight for a new beginning to policing or accepting less, and they accepted less"

"They know they have done wrong, and the communities are very clear that they [the SDLP] have failed in terms of negotiating"
"Eddie McGrady’s misrepresentation of CRJ is part of that smokescreen. CRJ has been subject to evaluation from groups like the Department of Social Development and, in local neighbourhoods, the Housing Executive and other groups like the Probation Board accept and approve of CRJ’s efforts"
"What we’re saying is that we need a policing service that is accountable and representative, which we don’t have at the moment, and that we also have Community Restorative Justice. The two are very, very different,"

As someone who has engaged in CRJ training I know that McGrady's comments are an outrage, he is of course using this as a smokescreen.

CRJ is about community empowerment; it is about finding solutions to problems that both parties can live with.

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