Lies- Damned Lies!

It seems that that rag which passes as a newspaper - the Sunday (we'll print anything as long as it bashes the Shinners) Independent has been exposed once more. On Sunday the following article was printed.

GAA honours Irish Hitler

Even the GAA's enemies-and there are a few of them out there-could hardly have dreamt this one up.

It turns out that the O'Duffy Cup,awarded to the All-Ireland Senior Camogie champions,is named after Eoin O'Duffy,Irish Fascist leader and self-proclaimed'third most important man in Europe'after his heroes Adolf(Hitler)and Benito(Mussolini).

Somehow the Fifth Column doubts that Juventus would be all too happy if they found the prize for winning the Italian soccer league was a Benito Mussolini Cup.But in Ireland,it is obviously still OK to name a top sporting prize after a fascist who had his supporters give him the one-armed salute amid cries of'Hoch O'Duffy',a man still hero-worshipped on Neo-Nazi websites.

But then of course there is still the O'Duffy Stand at the GAA ground in Clones.Clones even has an O'Duffy St.Surely Monaghan has enough local heroes to name streets after without using its local wannabe Hitler?

OK.So O'Duffy was a star organiser for the GAA in the 1910s.But in the Thirties he was also a Garda Commissioner who tried to organise a coup to stop de Valera winning power.And he was willing to become Ireland's Quisling if the Nazis conquered us in the Forties.You'd think he'd be the last person the GAA would want to have a cup named after.

Of course the GAA will probably say it is only commemorating his work for Gaelic games,not his politics.If so,then why doesn't it have an Edward Carson Cup too?After all,Carson tried to set up a hurling club before the GAA was created,and played the game.Or is it OK to name a prestigious cup after a fascist,once they were a Catholic nationalist one,but not OK to name one after a unionist,even one who played hurling?

Jim Duffy

Now before we get the usual GAA bashers jumping in with their tuppence worth, there is one very important fact which has been overlooked. Firstly of all the comagie association is not technically part of the GAA, but far more importantly- the cup IS NOT NAMED AFTER GENERAL O'DUFFY. rather it was named after a Sean O'Duffy and presented for the first time in 1932. Camogie President Miriam o'Callaghan was forced to ring Sportscall, an RTE radio programme earlier in the week in order to correct the mistake. Shame on those who allow these lies to be printed.

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