Lets get things in perspective.

Is anybody else amazed by the furious reaction to Fr. Reid's mistimed comment? Fr. Reid made an error of judgment when he compared Unionist treatment of Catholics to "the Nazi treatment of the Jews." But lets be very clear - what Fr. Reid said was an exageration rather than a complete mistruth. His "outburst" was made while under severe provocation from the supposed victim in all this- Willie Frazer. Only one week ago, Mr. Frazer said that if Loyalist Paramilitary memebers "come as individuals they're more than welcome" when referring to his "Love Ulster" Rally.

Who is the real bigot out of the pair? One man has dedicated his life to achieving a peaceful solution in the north, the other calls Loyalist Paramilitaries onto the streets. One man's misjudged comment caused offence. That is regrettable but the other comment has the potential to cause actual violence. It is clear to me that Mr. Willie Frazer has no right to claim any moral high ground over Fr. Reid.

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