The **** hits the fan!

I see Fr Alec Reid has sent the cat amongst the pigeons but claiming that Unionists treated Catholics in the 6 counties the same way the Nazis treated the Jews. He said that "They (Catholics) were not treated like human beings. It was like the Nazis' treatment of the Jews,"
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I really do hate when these sort of comparisons are made as I think they devalue the cruel treatment that the Jews received at the hands of the Nazis.

Were Catholics treated like animals? Yes!
Was there widespread discrimination? Yes!
Was this down to the pure sectarianism of the Unionist state? Yes!

Were Catholics in the 6 counties treated the same way as the Jews? No!

I will however have no truck with the likes of Frazer who is nothing more than a bigot and an arsehole who has absolutely no support and who hasn't got a clue what he is saying half the time.

Please, let's move away from these unhelpful statements about Protestants and Nazism.

Should this current crop be persecuted because of the sins of their parents? No!

If we do not find a way of resolving the sins of the past then we are doomed to repeat them.

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