Get your facts right!

Lies annoy me. As do people who print misguided nonsense. This letter (hat tip NI Maygar) which alleges that NI tops were barred from QUB Students' Union a number of weeks ago falls into one of those categories. Although while it may be true that someone in a Northern Ireland jersey was turned away, the reason behind this was that ALL football jerseys were barred that night, as the prior advertising for the match had informed those planning to go to the Union for the evening. Personally I disgaree with this policy as I'd like to think that students are mature enough to "let and let live" as far as football jerseys are concerned. However what really annoys me is this constant attempt to paint the Students' Union as a "cold house for Protestants" when, in reality this is far from the truth. NI tops are a regular sight in QUBSU. People should stop trying to see something which just isn't there.

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