Final Warning!

This is final warning to those trolls who continue to post here

The volume of traffic to this site has greatly increased and it has had the unfortunate side effect of bringing with it the expected trolls. This warning goes out to all trolls and sock-puppets, whether Unionist or Republican. I will not stand back and see this site slip; both myself and Paddy invest a lot of our time and energy into Balrog. I do not have the time or will to go around editing and deleting posts.

Any poster who deliberately impersonates a person or a poster who engages in spam will have their posts removed and see themselves banned from this site.

Unlike Mick Fealty I do not operate a two week ban; it will be a final ban subject to right of appeal.

I enjoy the fact that this site facilitates debate between Unionists and Republicans but I will not tolerate trolls in any manner, shape or form!

As you were!

NB:UPDATE "Willy Frazier" and "Andre Shoukri" (One in the same) has become the first person banned from Balrog.

Trolls will not infest this site!


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