Fast running out of excuses

I see the DUP have again tried to change the goalposts with regard to a restoration of the political institutions here in the 6 counties. According to Nigel Dodd’s the absence of "terrorist" and "criminal activity" alone will not qualify Sinn Féin for government.
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So let's get this straight

The IRA are disarmed, have stopped participating in "terrorist" and "criminal activity" and the DUP will still not enter power sharing with Sinn Féin?

It is fast becoming clear that it has never had anything to do with the IRA; they just don't want to share power with taigs!

The DUP know that they are fast running out of time on this issue, if they will not play ball in January then I would suggest that the British government will take that ball off them through the Review of Public Administration.

Joint Authority is almost an established fact, if the British Government were to create 7 councils this would rob the DUP of any power what so ever

The stakes in this poker match seem to be getting higher and higher and the DUP's bluff could see them and Unionism losing big time!

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