Fair play Father!

I would like to congratulate Fr Reid for having the guts to stand up to Unionism. He is a man who will not be told what to say or think and I admire that. The Unionists are of course trying to use his recent comments on Unionism and the Nazis as an excuse for not sharing power with Sinn Féin. Come January these excuses will not hold water.
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Fr Reid conceded that it was possible IRA members out to feather their own nests could be involved in criminality because every organisation could have individuals prepared to go to such lengths.

However, in the programme broadcast on Thursday night, he said he did not accept the IRA was a criminal organisation.

"The whole spirit of that would be a betrayal of the whole meaning of the republican movement," he said.

There are very few priests who I admire and like but Fr Reid is certainly one of them.

This man is entitled to his beliefs as much as anybody else, who does Unionism think it is to start lecturing people.

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