Equality/Sectarianism DUP style

It seems that Willie McCrae and the DUP have demanded a major financial package solely for Protestant areas. According to Willie "It is clear that the severe deprivation of the unionist community has been overlooked by government and must be addressed with the relevant financial implications it brings."
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I agree that many Unionist areas do indeed suffer much deprivation and require urgent assistance. The problem many Unionist areas have is that they do not have the relevant structures in place to receive money from agencies like the LSP. As a member of a few community and resident groups/forums I can attest to the absolute bureaucracy that is entailed when you go to apply for funding from any of the relevant statutory agencies.

Most of it is totally unnecessary and can lead to areas that need it the most benefiting the least because they can't fill out a form properly.

That said what the DUP are proposing is funding on the basis of religion rather than need and that is something that should be attacked at every opportunity. That is not what tackling genuine social deprivation and advocating equality is about.

It should come down to a question of need and not religion.

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