Durkan, an apologist for British Securocrats

That is the view of many Nationalists and Republicans and has been articulated by Sinn Féin General Secretary Mitchel McLaughlin. Mitchel accused Durkan of sour grapes and said "For the most selfish party political reasons Mark Durkan is regurgitating tired and unfounded propaganda lies and myths peddled by British securocrats"
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"Margaret Thatcher's criminalisation policy failed in 1991 and despite the SDLP's efforts it will not succeed in 2005.

"The SDLP still find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that the majority of nationalists and republicans endorse Sinn Fein including our position on policing. Their resentment is the real reason for their singular focus on Sinn Féin at a time when loyalists and British securocrats are attempting subvert the peace process"

I don't usually post about the same issue more than once unless it is important and given some of the ridiculous comments and analysis on the other thread I feel I must make this clear once and for all.

Our position on policing has nothing to do with any fantasy "IRA criminal activity". Republicans want and need a proper policing service but what we have at the moment falls far short of that.

As a police service they are woefully inadequate, they have limited accountability and the same cops who were involved in Collusion in the past are still there now.

I know staunch SDLP voters who disagree with the SDLP on policing, which is why Martin Morgan asked his party to reconsider their position on policing.

As a Republican, living in a Nationalist/Republican area I have seen no new start to policing and that has been the experience of most Nationalists and Republicans. If people can't accept that then they are living in Never Never land.

We will not accept less on Policing just because some stoop apologist demands that we do, we take our view from our voters and they have spoken.

We will never accept the cosmetic changes that the SDLP have, we demand real change.

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