DUP found wanting in leadership stakes

That is the headline in a SBP story today. I have to admit that while not surprised I am slightly disappointed in the leadership shown by Unionism's largest party to the IRA imitative.
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I understand that many Unionists are sceptical about the IRA's new modus operandi but that does not give its Political leaders the excuse to neglect their responsibility.

Let's just look at Republicans

Does anyone honestly think that Republicans actually wanted the IRA to put their weapons beyond use?

Republicans have made sacrifices for this process and that seems to have been forgotten. What is constant however is the ever dependable vision that the Sinn Féin leadership shows. They are able to keep a movement together whose members have their disagreements on issues but who accept the will of the majority and saunter ahead in to uncertainty.

The Sinn Féin leadership have never shied away from making hard decisions be that Alex Maskey’s participation in wreath laying at the Cenotaph or calling on the IRA to step aside in the interests of peace and progress.

That same leadership is sadly lacking in the DUP, it is about time they stopped swimming in the pond of sectarianism and rejectionism and joined the rest of us.

It is up to them to give hope and leadership to their community.

The DUP will have hard choices to make in the time ahead.

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