Court system still biased against Republicans

I see that there is still no chance of Republicans receiving fair and equal treatment under the law in the 6 counties. Liam Shannon, Chairman of the Felons club had his gun license revoked because, well because he is Republican!
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Liam was initially granted a firearms certificate for a shotgun and 250
cartridges after he became a member of a clay pigeon club.

But the certificate was revoked by the Chief Constable after Liam applied to have it extended to a .22 Theoben rifle.

His appeal to the Secretary of State was dismissed after police claimed he "associates with members of the PIRA"

I wonder how many DUP and UUP members has their gun licenses revoked, after all they sit down and chin wag with Unionist death squads on all sorts of Parade Forums.

I know I had similar problems when I applied for a gun license; In fact they laughed in my face and said I had no chance.

It is clear that this is not justice, it is discrimination against Republicans.

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