The bigotry of the DUP has once again vlighted the north as it was revealed the DUP threatened to withdraw funding for a leading farmer's union to visit Brussels simply because they had planned to meet Sinn Féin. This is disgusting behaviour and of course the real victims in all of this are the farmers of the north who need all parties fighting on their side. I am sure that many members of the UFU vote for Sinn Féin and considering that Sinn Féin are the only nationalist party in the north represented in the European Parliament, the UFU were right to want to meet Sinn Féin. Sinn Féin have always been responsive to the needs of farmers and our voters include thousands of farmers who have now been effectively disenfranchised by bigotry. It is shameful that the DUP have been allowed to blackmail the UFU in such a cynical manner but then I suppose by this stage, we expect nothing better.

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