Allister gets knickers in a twist

It seems that Jim Allister is rather upset with British Secretary of State, Peter Hain. Jim has accused Hain of being overtly pro-nationalist. Jim Allister claimed Hain found it impossible to wean himself off a nationalist agenda.
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I wouldn't call locking up Sean Kelly for no reason, discriminating against Sinn Féin and pandering to DUP whims as the actions of a man who has a Nationalist agenda.

He is the British Secretary of State for goodness sake; he is a member of the British government. If he has stopped taking the typical British action of appeasing rejectionst Unionism then I welcome that. That said no one should be under any illusions in relation to Peter Hain, he is no friend of Irish Nationalism.

The MEP told party colleagues in Newtownstewart, West Tyrone: "Peter Hain among unionists is fast becoming as distrusted and despised as Mo Mowlam, who was the last Secretary of State so overtly pro-nationalist"

Which translates as, Mo Molam didn't take any of our shit!

"Indeed, all the signs are that he finds it impossible to wean himself away from a nationalist agenda,"

Which means that equality rather than naked sectarianism and discrimination is the order of the day

"First, they hope that by heaping upon us increasingly unacceptable manifestations of Direct Rule they will soften us up to the point where we will meekly accept the failed Belfast Agreement structures as being better than Green Direct Rule"

The DUP said they would be happy with Direct Rule, that doesn't seem to be the case.

"Second, making unionist politicians appear impotent in the face of unpalatable concessions spreads disillusionment, diminishes the unionist vote and thereby serves the Government`s purpose of facilitating the nationalist solution."

This means that they are not getting their wish list and they are pissed. The so-called "concession a day" or equality and fairness to everyone else has not stopped. They told the Unionist electorate that it would but it hasn't and rather than accepting that their own lack of leadership has led to the disaster that Unionism finds itself in they are blaming the Brits.

"Remember this Government is pledged to legislate for a unified Ireland if only the majority would acquiesce."

I am sick of hearing this crap about the majority not supporting a United Ireland. The sooner we have a border poll within the confines of the GFA the better. Let's see how tenable their majority is.

That's when the proverbial shit will hit the fan!

I firmly believe that it will not be Sinn Féin who flicks the last switch to light the United Ireland Christmas tree but it will be the DUP which hammers the last nail in the coffin that is the "Union".

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